Investment Percentage

Calculates the profit of an investment based on buy/sell prices. It may be easy for you while calculating Fiat Currencies but not so easy when prices are in BTC

Buy Price
Sell Price

The calculations doesn't take into account the exchange(or broker) fees


Percentage: %


Coins to buy:


The calculations are very helpful after you are somehow have predicted that the price will go from x to y.
Maybe based on order books, market depth, Fibonacci levels, Bollinger bands, SMA, or whatever.
The question is: Does this variation in price represent a good benefit for you?
Ex. Buying Innova Coin now on Cryptopia could be at 0.00007913 but the first sell is for 0.00008107. If you are going to bet 0.10 BTC it will give you:
Percentage: 2.45%
Profit: 0.0025
Coins to buy: 1263.743207
BTC : 18TAw57LUveA5CoqMfkWheNGXiDpqRcwmn
ETH : 0x23efacc1634d8b12a9e5acee330b1f28b1a3068c
LTC : Lcw9cWpW72E18m2LJRe8YG2Pk6AC2K5FN4
ZEC : t1QZVBhVviLwr1D9qpk9U6pSmLrEFNcU1Wq

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