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Author: Maja Rogic

Published: Sept. 14, 2018, 6:51 p.m. ==> 2 months ago



As Litecoin (LTC), currently ranked as the 7th-largest currency in accordance with the official ranking list, has released the new Litecoin Core version, called version 0.16.1, during the last week, we can now see LTC bouncing off with the latest positive trend in the market. While the cryptocurrency market is taking off for a rebound during the last 24 hours, Litecoin has seen some minor rises, which further helped the currency to remain above the value of 50$ currently being traded at the price of 54$ per one LTC. Additionally, Litecoin foundation is keeping it busy by organizing a massive Litecoin summit that begins today on September 14th and should be concluded the next day on September 15th, where the team on the head with Charlie Lee will talk about Litecoin developments, technology and the future of LTC. Moreover, Bittrex announced adding support for LTC/USD trading pair, also adding TRX/USD trading pair to its platform, which might push Litecoin up once the trading pairs are officially added. Litecoin Supported with USD Trading Pair on Bittrex Adding new trading pairs is almost as important for accessibility and visibility of a currency as well as a new listing support, especially if a major exchange market is involved. Bittrex makes up for one of the exchanges with the highest liquidity, also scoring high trading volumes on daily basis, which is why the new trading pairs for Litecoin are important for LTC in the market. USD is one of the most commonly used currency for crypto trading with various digital assets in the market, which means that Litecoin can easily gain more on its accessibility and availability in the US crypto market with Bittrex. Bittrex announced that the new trading pairs for Litecoin and TRON should become available in several days, adding that the trading pairs will be added on September 17th, which is only several days away. However, Bittrex also added in their official Twitter post that only accounts that have been created before September 4th will be eligible for trading, while new users will have to submit an official request in order to be able to withdraw and make deposits with USD for these trading pairs. The new trading pair for Litecoin with USD means that LTC should become more available to new investors, especially those based in the US, which might consequently lead to price increases if investors decide to use their USD to purchase LTC in swarms once the trading pair becomes official on September 17th. In the meanwhile, Litecoin is officially opening Litecoin Summit on September 14th, which should last till September 15th and go live streaming for the community members that are prevented from visiting the summit. In one of the announcements on Twitter, Litecoin foundation announced that the tickets for Litecoin Summit will be free for students that come with a valid student ID. Litecoin and the Future Developments Back when Litecoin was issued as a hard fork derived from Bitcoin, LTC was really \u201csomething else\u201d with 2.5 minutes for block time in oppose to 10 minutes that BTC allows, Litecoin actually represented a more liquid solution for making payments with blockchain than that found in the original cryptocurrency. However, since April, Litecoin foundation went silent on Github repository causing some members of the community to suggest that Litecoin dev team has stopped all developments regarding LTC and Litecoin. Charlie Lee responded to this accusation on Twitter back at the end of August, stating that they (Litecoin foundation) is not working on the master branch as the team is committed to working on Litecoin Core version, announced for release during the last week on September 8th. The new Core version came with bug fixes and minor implementations that come with the improved performance of the network, although the foundation has stated in their release regarding new version 0.16.1 that Litecoin foundation is not directly associated with Core, although they support the work. Although Core was released a few weeks back, there weren't any major changes on the master branch for more than 4 months now. Moreover, it is said that on the first larger event that the foundation is organizing, the Litecoin Summit that should take place in San Francisco, the team will clarify the future of Litecoin, that way also providing the opportunity for the foundation to assure the community that this future is also bright and promising. loading…

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