Mining Tools

Nicehash Cost Calculator allow you to check what is the price of renting 1 GH/s or 1 TH/s depending on the algorithm. You can also calculate your cost if you are mining only x minutes instead of 24 hours.

Yiimp Profit Calculator: Multialgo profit calculator so you can better understand mining results. Yiimp multialgo pools will use this calculation to send the most profitable work to miners.

We have created two projects in order of helping you improve your mining efficiency.

DegFlasher is a product to do a mod of your AMD RX 550, RX 470, RX 480, RX 570 and RX 580 video cards in order to mine at about 30 MH/s depending on the card while mining Ethereum. It was designed for use in EthOS but if you send us your ROM backed up with atiflash we are able to send you a modded ROM but as a service.

ethos-fabric is another product totally free created by our team to allow manage large-scale farms of rigs using EthOS. You can check a wallet address, show miner, minestart, minestop, allow, disallow, restart, update, check hostname, check pool1pass(some miners need the currency in pool1pass), show the real stats and even run degflasher from your local computer. is a wrapper API so you can communicate easily with Cryptopia exchange.

Let's know what do you think about them and how to improve them using GitHub issues.