Manually generate collector script

The tool to move your cryptos from your master node to your exchange periodically

This is a couple of scripts(one in python the other one in bash) that will allow you to collect your earned cryptos and send them to an exchange or a different address according to the settings of your crontab. It was designed for master nodes but it will also work for any wallet that you may be receiving coins like when mining.

We said manually, because you need to provide the name of your coin and the amount of coins are needed for a masternode. We will create another where those parameters can be selected(coin) and filled out for you(needed).

In order to use it:

Intended to be used on your VPS or any other node of the coin network
  • Once you submit your parameters a file will be downloaded
  • use chmod +x filename
  • mv filename to /usr/bin
This collector needs a bash file similar to the one bellow

# move to /bin folder so it can be call from anywhere
coin-cli sendtoaddress "$1" $2 "" "" true

Download Sender
Notes: Before you say it is a virus or something like that use an editor to look at the file
If you download the files from your computer use scp or winscp to move collector and sender files to your VPS
Move both files to /bin or /usr/bin
Double Check that the destination address is the one you need. It will send the money > master node requires to that address
# configure crontab
0 22 * * * /root/collector >> /var/logs/collector.log
Change /root/collector for path and final file name of your python script
In the previous case you will have your script running every night at 10 pm and you can check the log using tail -f /var/logs/collector.log